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Cavities are preventable! Learn how you take better care of your children's teeth.

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Check out our online training program for medical and dental clinic staff.  Earn one Minnesota nursing CEU by completing our program.

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Need curriculum and table activities? We have training programs with fun kid activities: one for preschool/kindergarten age children, and one for caregivers.

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Kids Playground

We have a website for your kids! Read our children's book or play video games, while learning about how to prevent cavities.

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Cover of Bye, Bye Germs

Bye, Bye Germs

By Anna Pence, MNOHP PHN Consultant
Illustrated by Trudy Barsness

It is often a struggle to find interesting ways to help young children learn the importance of taking care of their teeth. The new book, Bye, Bye Germs, is an engaging tool designed to teach children this lesson.

The story features Emma, a little girl who faces off with Jerry the Germ. She is joined by Timmy the Toothbrush and together they win the battle to save her beautiful teeth. This book is a starting point for adults to discuss the importance of oral care in kid-friendly terms and will help children learn the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily for a minimum of 2 minutes.

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Copies of Bye, Bye Germs are available for purchase. Contact Cris Gilb at for more information. Individual books can be purchased for $5.00, and there are significant discounts if purchasing in bulk. As of April 1, the Minnesota Oral Health Project plans to sell individual printed copies of  Bye, Bye Germs on via their print on demand service.

Public Awareness Campaigns

I Brush for 2

The Minnesota Oral Health Project has an "I Brush for 2" campaign to help teach children and their caregivers the importance of spending enough time brushing. We will be distributing two-minute timers window clings at educational events this summer and fall.

Fluoride 1-2-3!

In our Fluoride 1-2-3 campaign we simplify the very complex messages about fluoride into 3 simpler messages.

  1. Make sure you are drinking water with fluoride in it.
  2.  Brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste 2 times per day.
  3.  Have your doctor or dentist apply fluoride varnish up to 4 times per year.

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