Caregiver Training Tool Kit

Opening Slide for the Caregivers Presentation

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All the tools you need for your training

The Caregiver Training Tool Kit is a set of training resources you can use to provide education to parents, guardians, and caregivers of young children. It includes an engaging slide show with speakers notes as well as exercises and discussion built into the program.

This is the same training program that we use when MNOHP consultants do training for caregivers. We make it available to you as Train the Trainer tools. We include educational classroom exercises that support the information in the slide show.

Handouts and Exercises

Use the Caregiver Checklist either during or after the presentation to facilitate the caregiver in thinking through any changes they may want to make based on information in the presentation.

The puzzle requires cutting. We recommend printing on cardstock paper if available. This puzzle is appropriate for ages 3+ without cutting and 5+ with cutting. Allow 5 minutes if the puzzles are precut and 10 minutes if the students will cut the pieces as part of your exercise.

The fortune teller must be cut from the handout. The instructions for assembly are on the second page, although it will likely work better to demonstrate assembly than read the instructions. This exercise is appropriate for ages 6+. Allow 10 minutes.

This chart can be a take home activity for your students. It is an important tool for reinforcing the behavior changes in the training.