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By Barbara Greene, MPH, Consultant & Educator

Little girl brushing teeth outside

Establishing new family rituals for brushing teeth is an excellent way to make brushing and bedtime oral health preparation easier! Parents often tell us, “I let my daughter brush my teeth sometimes, so she will let me brush hers without argument.” Still others create nightly rituals by suggesting, “You brush for a while, then I’ll brush for a while!’”

smiling kids lying in circle

To help establish new brushing rituals, MNOHP has created and identified several lively music videos that children can watch to make brushing a more stress-free part of daily living. Simply click on any of these links and share them with children and families. By using these new tools, we can all create bigger smiles and learn new tunes to sing together at bedtime!

Find these videos and more at the Kids’ Playground at

If you have other helpful brushing rituals to share, please e-mail us at! Check out all of our fun activities at the Kids’ Playground.

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