Anna Pence, PHN, Author

Anna Pence, PHN, Author

Bye, Bye Germs

by Anna Pence, PHN

Your young child needs to learn the importance of taking care of her teeth. You've tried to find ways to get her interested - but nope, she just isn't. But brushing is a messy new skill without any immediate reward so your child wonders, why bother? However, before everyone ends up in tears, why don't you try an engaging new tool? Our book, Bye, Bye Germs, captures the imaginations of young kids and gets them excited to brush.

Our story introduces Emma, a little girl who faces off with Jerry the Germ. Soon Emma is joined by Timmy the Toothbrush and together they win the battle to save her beautiful teeth. Our book is a kid-friendly way to talk to your child about the importance of brushing her teeth twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes. Most importantly, your child will ask to have this story read to her repeatedly, reinforcing the story's message.

"As a children's book, we hope that it will be read over and over by parents and teachers to their children," according to the book's author, Anna Pence, PHN and Consultant for the Minnesota Oral Health Project. "If our book can become a favorite, it is more likely to have a positive and lasting impact on the health of children's teeth."

Bye, Bye Germs is illustrated by Trudy Barsness of Elko New Market, Minnesota. and professionally edited by Christopher Wheeler. We recommend it for children ages 4-10.

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Use Bye, Bye Germs for your Health Promotion Activities

Copies of Bye, Bye Germs are available for purchase for as low as $1.25 per book. A minimum of 10 or more is required for this low price. (Shipping is additional.)

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