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Thank you for visiting our website and registering to win our training package for your classroom. Our book for children, Bye, Bye Germs, teaches children why it is important to brush their teeth thoroughly. We provide 25 copies so that you have enough to send one book, one 2-minute timer, and one window cling with each student in your class. The set includes:

  • 25 Copies of Bye, Bye Germs
  • 25 2-Minute Timers
  • 25 Window Clings

If you win, our hope is that you will read the book to the students in class and show them how the two-minute timers work for brushing their teeth. Then send home the book, timer and window cling with each child in your class.

If you do not win this contest but are interested in teaching preschool and kindergartners about taking care of their teeth, feel free to drop us a line so we can find a way to work with you. The Minnesota Oral Health Project (a.k.a Crush Cavities) is a grant-funded program and our mission is to support you in your classrooms. Contact our Executive Director Cris Gilb at