Cavities are preventable! Learn how to improve children's oral health and take better care of their teeth. Dont wait, caring for your child's teeth needs to start at a very young age.

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Our Childhood Caries Prevention Program for medical and dental clinic staff is designed to improve children's oral health and includes fluoride varnish application training. Earn one Minnesota nursing CEU by completing our program.

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Need curriculum and table activities to improve children's oral health? We have training programs with fun kid activities: one for preschool and kindergarten age children, and one for caregivers.

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Kids Playground

We have a website for your kids! Read our children's book or play video games, while learning about how to prevent cavities.

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The Story of the Minnesota Oral Health Project

August 7, 2020

Sharing Our Outcomes
In 2005, oral health care for young children was a subtly explored topic for many in public health. Unless you were a dentist, dental hygienist, or other dental specialist, community-centered messages were few and far between concerning brushing, flossing, and having fluoride varnish applications (FVA).

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Fluoride Varnish Training Program for Clinics

Childhood Caries Prevention Program Training

This training is a foundation for a clinic establishing a Childhood Caries Prevention Program and includes training on the application of fluoride varnish.

There are three parts to the Childhood Caries Prevention Training. 

Step 1:  Watch the 16 minute video.

Step 2:  Read the designated articles.

Step 3:  Complete the online quiz.

The training provides 1 Minnesota Nursing CEU.

Cover of Bye, Bye Germs

Bye, Bye Germs

By Anna Pence, MNOHP PHN Consultant
Illustrated by Trudy Barsness

It is often a struggle to find interesting ways to help young children learn the importance of taking care of their teeth. The new book, Bye, Bye Germs, is an engaging tool designed to teach children this lesson.

The story features Emma, a little girl who faces off with Jerry the Germ. She is joined by Timmy the Toothbrush and together they win the battle to save her beautiful teeth. This book is a starting point for adults to discuss the importance of oral care in kid-friendly terms and will help children learn the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily for a minimum of 2 minutes.

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Copies of Bye, Bye Germs are available for purchase. Contact Cris Gilb at for more information. Individual books can be purchased for $5.00, and there are significant discounts if purchasing in bulk. As of April 1, the Minnesota Oral Health Project plans to sell individual printed copies of  Bye, Bye Germs on via their print on demand service.

Now available in the Karen language! The book is printable on 8.5 by 11 printers. For best results, use two-sided printing. Some of the pages in the book are designed to be displayed back to back. Download Bye, Bye Germs in Karen.

Get Kids Excited to Brush – No, Really!

Mother helps care for child's teeth

The struggle is REAL…. You beg, cajole, and nag, but no matter how you plead, you still haven’t figured out how to get the little ones excited to brush their teeth regularly. Maybe you’ve even played detective: Is their toothbrush damp, is their breath minty? And sometimes it’s all a bit much, right? You think to yourself, “Maybe it’s not such a big deal...

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How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth at Home

Preventing cavities with a twice daily dental care routine Mariah LaPatka, RDHConsultant, Minnesota Oral Health Project You do many things to care for your child’s teeth and keep them healthy. You make sure your child drinks water with fluoride. You take your child to the dentist and to the doctor. But most importantly, you establish a twice daily dental care routine with your child....

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Be Fluoride Smart!

Fluoride 1 2 3 in Cartoon Figures

Think Fluoride 1-2-3 Cris Gilb, RN, PHN, MHAExecutive Director, Minnesota Oral Health Project It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to protect your child’s teeth and strengthen them with fluoride! When sugars in food and beverages mix with bacteria in the mouth, they create acid.  Acid damages tooth enamel, or the outer covering of the tooth. The enamel loses mineral and breaks down. However, enamel will...

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Oral Health Fits the Mission and Vision of Lions International

Lions Logo

“WE SERVE” Dan Snobl, M.Ed., RPT Dan Snobl was the Director of Physical Therapy at Southwest Minnesota State University for 37 years and has extensive leadership experience in the Lion’s organization. I joined Lions in 1982 in my home town of Tracy, Minnesota in Southwest Minnesota. The Tracy Club is part of Multiple District MD5M which number 21,262 strong, organized into 641 Clubs in...

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The Case for Fluoride Varnish Intervention

Asian dentist works on child's teeth

Effective Strategies to Reduce Dental Caries A Silent Epidemic According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, caries is the most common chronic disease of childhood. Dental caries is the decay process, the end result of which is the cavity – a result that could be helped by fluoride varnish intervention. It has reached silent epidemic proportions because no one writes about the problem, as compared...

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Brush Your Child’s Teeth for 2 Minutes 2 Times Per Day

I Brush For Two with a Animated 2

Strategies for Successfully Brushing Your Child’s Teeth Elise Sarvas, DDS, MSD, MPH Dental Director, Minnesota Oral Health Project and Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences, University of Minnesota Most people know they should brush their teeth twice a day. Most people know they should brush their child’s teeth too. But not many realize that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends...

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Baby Teeth Are Not Just for Babies Anymore

Smiling Baby with two teeth

Keeping a child’s baby teeth cavity-free is important Cris Gilb, RN, PHN, MHAExecutive Director, Minnesota Oral Health Project Dental cavities in the baby teeth of Minnesota’s children is a silent epidemic, even though cavities are preventable. An alarming number of children, nearly half of all children ages 2 – 11, have cavities in their primary (baby) teeth. Over half of children starting Kindergarten have...

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