Caregiver Checklist

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The Caregiver Checklist is a great tool to bring to presentations on oral health or to health fairs. It is difficult for parents to do everything they are supposed to do, and a checklist can be an important tool in behavior change. Targeting parents, grandparents or guardians, the Caregiver Checklist can be used to help the caregiver to think through any changes they may want to make based on information you present to them. To avoid a caregiver just checking them all without thinking, you could ask something like, which of these items is the biggest challenge for your family?

Learning Objectives

1. Teach caregivers to know if there is fluoride in the water they drink at home.
2. Demonstrate that bottled water may not be best if they have fluoride in the water.
3. If there isn't fluoride in the water, help the parent to find a strategy to get more fluoride.
4. It takes 2 minutes to properly brush teeth.
5. Until age 7 or 8, parents need to brush teeth for their children, especially in the back.

Suggested Age Range: Ages 14+

Dental Caregiver Checklist

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