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We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all those who have made MNOHP a successful oral health care initiative over the last 15 years. 

  • To our Leadership Team for their generous volunteer time to promote the project; our consultants for taking our message into the community with children and families; and White Buffalo Websites for the wonderful work on our website, education materials, and social media campaigns.
  • To the Primary Care Medical Clinics who took our message to heart and implemented Childhood Caries Prevention so many more children could get preventive oral care.
  • To the Early Childhood Educators, schools, and public libraries for allowing us to bring our important message about preventing cavities in young children and young families.
  • To the Public Health agencies, Minnesota Departments of Health and Human Services, and other oral health programs that work every day to help families with oral health education and resources.
  • To our partners, too numerous to list, for the collaboration and the common goal of improving oral health in the lives of children in Greater Minnesota. 

Dr. Amos Deinard, Founder and Cris Gilb, Executive Director, MNOHP

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